Hawaiian Quilter

When Beauty is conceived and born into our world,

We must simply pause and gaze

In Awe; in Wonder.

We are called to mute our chatter;

We are summoned to a contemplative moment

Of Gratitude; of Grace.


The Spirits of our Ancestors

Summon us to Share

In Communion with the Sublime.

 Welcome to Hawaiian Quilter!

E Ō ka Liko (Answering the Call)

E komo mai (Welcome).

E nānā, aia hoʻi (See and Behold)

 He Pua Kalaunu o Liliu–conceived in 2007; completed in 2011; juried and displayed American Quilterʻs Society in 2012; sold in 2013 through Gallery of Great Things in Waimea, Hawaiʻi for $38,000.00.

 Enter and scroll down to enjoy the Beauty of Hawaiian Quilter.


Meet Ric Stark!

E komo mai! (Come in! Welcome!) Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Ric Stark, creator of unique and masterful Hawaiian quilts. Residing for over three decades in Hawaiʻi and nestled in serene towns on Hawaiʻi and Oʻahu, I have woven my artistry, seizing upon the captivating beauty of these Islands.

Embarking in 1998 on my journey in the realm of Hawaiian quilting, I received my initial teachings from the eccentrically private and deeply spiritual Aunty Violet Kaʻaukai Hue in the heart of Hilo. Inspired and impassioned by Aunty’s deep knowledge of Hawaiian tradition, I have dedicated the past twenty-five years to perfecting my craft and infusing my soul into every delicate stitch of each kapa.

With the Spirit of Aloha guiding my hands, these precious quilts embody the essence of Hawaiʻi’s rich heritage and vibrant culture. Each quilt weaves a narrative, reflecting the island’s captivating landscapes, traditions, and profound stories passed down through generations.

Ka wā ma mua; ka wā ma hope. (The future is found in the past.)

I, Ric Stark, a maestro of Hawaiian quilting, stand with humble pride to share testament to the enduring legacy of this cherished art form. My craftsmanship embraces the beauty of Hawaiʻi, inviting you to experience the warmth of these Islands. Through the inspired gift of those who have gone before us, I share these meticulously crafted kapa (quilts).

E komo mai e holo mua, Ric Stark!



Legacy Is Forever

With humble gratitude, I have received a treasured gift–this ability to design and to create these beautiful Hawaiian kapa. The mana (life force) and the aloha, which pulse through me and which are manifest in these wonderful quilts, are truly gifts bestowed upon me. Rather than owning credit as artist and creator, I simply give thanks that na kupuna (the ancestors) have blessed my life with the marvel of birthing these precious Hawaiian kapa.



summer 2023

"I am but a vessel, guided by the

whispers of the kūpuna (elders).

With my hands holding needle and thread,

I stitch to honor their wisdom and to breathe

life into the vibrant majesty of hawaiʻi''.

Ric Stark

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