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In May 2023, Ric curated the annual quilt show of the Hawaiʻi Quilt Guild. Proudly showcased in a new venue at Downtown Art Center in Honolulu, the Guild featured some two hundred quilts, all accomplished by HQG members. As chairman and curator of this year’s show, Ric planned and coordinated the two-week event.

He Wanaʻao o Haleakalā–American Quilter’s Society Annual Show 2023

In April 2023, “He Wanaʻao o Haleakalā” was honored as a juried entry into America’s premier quilt venue, the American Quilter’s Society Annual Show and Awards in Paducah, Kentucky.

He Poʻai Aloha–International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas 2022

In November 2022, “He Poʻai Aloha” became the first of Ric’s quilts to be honored with display at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. Being juried to show a quilt at Houston’s Festival of Quilts stands as a premier honor for a quilter.

“He Poʻai Aloha” has recently finished a nine-month national tour with the category, “A Celebration of Life.” 

He Wanaʻao o Haleakalā–Best in Show–HAWAIʻI QUILT GUILD 2022

In May 2022, “He Wanaʻao o Haleakalā” was awarded Best in Show at the Hawaiʻi Quilt Guild annual show in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. The show, held at Honolulu Hale, resumed the post-Covid annual tradition of the HQG.

Ka Lehua Papa–Best in Show–HAWAIʻI QUILT GUILD 2019

On display at Blaisdell Auditorium in Honolulu, “Ka Lehua Papa” was awarded Best in Show at the Hawaiʻi Quilt Guild annual show in May 2017.

He Mala Pua Loke o ka Wahine Mōʻī–Best in Show–HAWAIʻI QUILT GUILD 2017

In May 2017, Ric continued a biennial tradition with “He Mala Pua Loke o ka Wahine Mōʻī. This quilt, Ric’s first kapa moe, won the award for Best in Show. And how fitting! This quilt, made as a present for Ric’s Mom, received honors on Mother’s Day in 2017.

He Poʻai Aloha–Best in Show–HAWAIʻI QUILT GUILD, 2015

In May 2015, “He Poʻai Aloha” (Encricled with Love), was awarded top honors at the annual Hawaiʻi Quilt Guild Show. On display at Linekona Annex Building of the Honolulu Museum of Art, “He Poʻai Aloha was awarded Best in Show and First Place, Viewerʻs Choice.

He Poʻai Aloha–American Quilter’s Society Annual Show 2015

From April 22-25, 2015, “He Poʻai Aloha” (Encircled with Love) was juried and displayed at American Quilter’s Society Annual Show and Awards in Paducah, Kentucky. What honor bestowed upon the Queen’s quilt! This annual show in Paducah is widely considered the premier, most prestigious honor in the quilt world.

He Kipa Mōʻī–Best in Show 2014

On October 4, 2014, at the Kāʻū Art Show in Naʻalehu, Hawaiʻi, Ric’s wall hanging, “He Kipa Mōʻī,” received the judges’ award for Best in Show. Sponsored by the Kāʻū Chamber of Commerce, the local art show featured works by local artists in a variety of mediums from painting, photography, woodworking, sculpture, jewelry, and quilting.

He Pua Kalaunu o Liliʻu–First Place, Viewer’s Choice–Hawaiʻi Quilt Guild 2013

On display at the 2013 Hawaiʻi Quilt Guild annual show in the Linekona Annex Building of the Honolulu Museum of Art, “He Pua Kalaunu o Liliʻu”  won first place honors for Viewers’ Choice.

He Pua Kalaunu o Liliʻu–On the Road to California 2013

“He Pua Kalaunu o Liliʻu” was juried and displayed at Road to California Show in January, 2013. This prestigious annual show in Upland, California, was held January 24-27, 2013.

He Pua Kalaunu o Liliʻu–American Quilter’s Society Annual Show 2012

The coveted quilters’ honor and Ric’s personal goal for his quilting, “He Pua Kalaunu o Lilʻu” was juried and exhibited in April, 2012, at the American Quilter’s Society Annual Show and Awards in Paducah, Kentucky. Proud honors for the artist, the quilt joined some juried works from every state and eleven countries.

In recognition of the honor awarded the quilt, articles were printed in Honolulu Advertiser and in Maui News. The articles featured color photos of “He Pua Kalaunu o Liliʻu” and details of Ric’s quilting.

This quilt was also featured in the 2015 Island Heritage Quilt Calendar in the month of February.

E Ō ka Liko–Quilt Hawaiʻi 2008

In June at Quilt Hawai’i 2008, E Ō ka Liko was honored with first place ribbon, for hand quilting. A yellow lehua quilt that Ric designed and quilted for his kumu, Aunty Vi, E Ō ka Liko is the first quilt pattern that Ric designed for himself.

He Mala Pua Loke o ka Wahine Mōʻī–”Contemporary Hawaiian Quilts” 2001

As Ric neared completion of his first kapa moe in 2000, he learned of a project by Linda Arthur, a professor in the Textile Arts program of the University of Hawaiʻi. Linda and a panel of Hawaiian quilters were touring the islands, selecting quilts for inclusion in Linda’s new book about contemporary Hawaiian quilts. Ric attended a meeting at Volcano Art Gallery, where he met Linda. In the spring of 2001, “At the Cutting Edge, Contemporary Hawaiian Quilting” by Linda Arthur was published. Page 59 displays a full-page photo of “He Mala Pua Loke o ka Wahine Mōʻī.” What an honor for Ric’s first kapa moe! 

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