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Hawaiianquilter.com is the product of a collaborative effort between Ric and the team at Site Mammoth. Acknowledgement and gratitude is in order.

When I determined in early 2023 that it was time to begin to sell my Hawaiian quilts, I knew that a reworking of my meager, self-designed website was in order. I canvassed the internet and interviewed a half dozen prospective web designers.

In my search, one interaction rose far above the others. When I spoke with Richard Whitmer from Site Mammoth, our conversation was different from any of the others. The competitors pushed their service and drove hard toward my signing on and sealing the deal. In contrast, Richard wanted to know about my venture and my aims. He was more interested in understanding what I envisioned than he was concerned with nailing the contract. Richard inquired about the details of my quilting and was genuinely interested in what I was doing.

Richardʻs approach won him the contract to design hawaiianquilter.com. But sales is one thing. How would he perform and what could I expect?

As we launched into the early work for the website, Richardʻs interest grew more intense. Learning that my quilting grew out of my Hawaiian experience, Richard spent extra time researching and learning about Hawaiʻi. He focused and spent time to understand who our beloved Queen Liliuokalani is and how she is so significant to my quilting work.

The video on the home page was Richardʻs manaʻo (idea). The website design and beautiful scenery and structure are the work of the team at Site Mammoth. One of my mottos is “Kulia i ka Nuʻu,” (Strive for the Summit.) Thanks to Richard Whittmer and the team at Site Mammoth, I can proudly invite visitors to linger and enjoy the Beauty of these Hawaaian kapa.

I give 110% credit to Site Mammoth. They are tops. No ka ʻoi.

Richard Whitmer

Site Mammoth



My friend Donna Kanealiʻi is the videographer of the home page video. What can I say of a friend, who shared an entire day with me, capturing the quilts and their maker in the picturesque scene of her gardens in Mililani.

Donna, mahalo nui loa.

Quiltfolk Magazine

The video links have been graciously permitted to me from Quiltfolk Magazine. Shot during the Britsʻ excursion to Oʻahu in April, 2023, Jenni, Kay, Chris, and James captured the true Spirit of Aloha. Many thanks!

Downtown Art Center

Video from Hawaiʻi Quilt Guild show at Downtown Art Center was taken by Tracy Chan. Mahalo for the link. Much more gratitude for a fabulous venue to HQG annual quilt show.

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