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Having completed a nine-month national tour, “He Poʻai Aloha” has returned home. Juried and displayed in Houston in November, 2022, this kapa joined the group category, “Celebration of Life,” for a national tour. Proud honors for the quilt to be seen by so many around the USA!



Ric's next quilt project will become a cornerstone of the collection of quilts to honor the life and legacy of Queen Liliuokalani. Ric plans to use trapunto technique to accentuate the jewels in the brooch. Estimated completion date will be late in 2024. When the then Crown Princess accompanied her sister-in-law, Queen Kapiʻolani for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 1887, she bought a diamond Butterfly Brooch composed of 159 diamonds with two tiny ruby eyes set en tremblant, which allows the butterfly wings to flutter when in motion. The Brooch was worn by Queen Liliʻuokalani in her hair in one of her most iconic portraits, and also as an Aigrette on top of the Diamond Necklace in her official accession portrait.



On June 8-9, 2023, Quiltfolk Magazine presented its third live on-line workshop. "The Spirit of Aloha" featured quilts and quilters from the island of Oʻahu and included class instructions in making an authentic Hawaiian quilt. Hosted by Jenni Smith and Kay Walsh from the north of England, Ric was interviewed twice to share the stories of Ka Lehua Papa and Naupaka–Mahuʻi Hou. The interview with Naupaka–Mahuʻi Hou on Kūhio Beach features the honored Healer Stones, Ka Pae Māhū.



In May, 2023, Ric curated the annual quilt show of Hawaiʻi Quilt Guild. Showcasing some 200 quilts, made by members of the Guild, this yearʻs show was celebrated proudly in Downtown Art Center in the heart of Honolulu. Devoting his time and energy over a one-year period to curating the show, Ric envisioned a creative category, titled “Quilting Down Memory Lane,” in which members exhibited one of their own works alongside a treasured quilt made by some dear friend or relative. Ric featured his very first quilt project, his mokihana quilt bag, paired with a Luika Kamaka design quilt made for Ric by his dear friend Betty Stickney.



Several of Ric's quilts are on loan and are displayed at the Kona Hawaiian Quilt Museum in Kailua-Kona. The museum is sponsored by and is located adjacent to Quilt Passions on Kuakini Drive. He Mala Pua Loke o ka Wahine Mōʻī, Ke Kukui o Lanikaula, and He Kipa Mōʻī may be viewed at the museum.

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